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10 Feb 2010

As the mortgage crisis continues and you begin to look for a solution to be able to keep up with your mortgage payments and your beginning to realize that it’s becoming next to impossible. You start to prioritize your bills and you slowly start to fall behind on your credit card payments. You start scrambling for a solution and you cant seem to stay afloat any longer.

You know you need to keep your mortgage and secured debts current, but cant afford the alarming interest rates that your credit card companies are charging you each month. So you sit down and start to prioritize your bills and quickly come to the realization that something needs to be done soon or your about to drown. If you haven’t thought about Debt Consolidation as a way out, then now is the time.

If your primary goal is to stay in your home and keep from being foreclosed upon then Debt Consolidation might be a viable option to look into. You can save up to 60% of your total debt amount and lower your monthly payments enough to where you have the extra funds to keep food on the table and keep your mortgage current. You can have one low monthly payment instead of the 5-10 different payment dates and payment amounts that you are now struggling with.

Debt Consolidation using Debt Settlement can provide you with the solution to stay afloat. The chances of refinancing your home are slim considering the unstableness of our current economy and you want to free up some extra cash from month to month. Debt Consolidation using Debt settlement will provide a life-line that you can clinch on to and give you back your peace of mind and allows you the breathing room you haven’t experienced in quite some time.

So many of us get wrapped around the axle of our credit score to the point where it does more harm than good. It’s better to do take the initial hit on your credit score and not have to pay thousands of dollars over the next 20 plus years just to keep a descent credit score, that you honestly don’t need as long as you have a vehicle and a roof over your head. Swallow your pride and start considering the different debt relief options that are out there.

Do the research, get on Google and search for the differences between Debt Consolidation Vs. Debt Management Vs. Debt Settlement. You will quickly come to the conclusion that Debt Settlement will save you the most amount of money and get you completely out of debt with programs that range from 6-48 months. Debt Settlement doesn’t show up on your credit report as a third party intervention like the Credit Counseling Programs will and allows you to be in the driver seat when it comes to your personal finances.

“Any decision that has to be made overnight, is a bad decision.”

I’m sure this is an abundance of information to soak in all at once, so take your time, be pro-active and start researching some of your different Debt Relief Options today. There are tons of great resources out there for you online and elsewhere. I encourage you to look at the Debt Calculator link below which will show you how long it will take you to pay off your debt using the four basic debt help options. If you’re not familiar with your Debt-to-Income Ratio, then that is where you need to start; it will be a key indicator that will show you if you’re staying afloat, about to drown, or already at the bottom! You’ve already begun your quest in finding solutions to your debt problem, No room for complacency.

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