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    Homeowners in Foreclosure & 700 Billion Dollar Economic stabilization package

    We all know about the 700 Billion Dollar Economic Stabilization Package or how is commonly called: The Big Bailout Bill of Wall Street financial institutions that was just passed by Congress last week, and many homeowners wonder if it will include any extra help for the regular, middle class homeowners who are facing the possibility of foreclosure. The government plan to rescue the financial system was passed by the House for a vote after it passed the Senate Wednesday night. The Bill would allow the Treasury to buy up seven hundred billion of bad assets, most of which are backed by mortgages from banks, in an effort to clean up their balance sheets so that they can resume lending. Experts and economists say that the U.S. credit crisis will not be resolved until the housing market smoothe
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    San - Diego Real Estate, Million Dollar Homes

    San Diego county has always been known for its Luxury Homes, yet in 2004 San Diego County luxury home sales (homes over $1,000,000) hit an incredible 2774 total units, an increase of almost 170% over total sales in 2003! In the entire State of California, A total of 33,107 homes sold for a million dollars or more last year. That was up 73.5 percent from 19,080 in 2003. The total was 13,871 in 2002, according to DataQuick Information Systems. “A million dollars just isn’t what it used to be when it comes to San Diego real estate. Because of appreciation, low interest rates, and San Diegos Draw as a retirement community, more homes are in the million-dollar category than was the case earlier. In fact, so far in 2005 San Diego County MLS shows that there has already been 2130 ho


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