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    Proportion of Equity to Prevent Foreclosure!

    You are having a rough time with your rental property or even your private residence. The problem is that your mortgage payments and/or other expenses are driving you into the poor house and you cannot sell or even refinance the property in this market. You cannot keep up the mortgage payments or the negative cash flow much longer. You may not even be delinquent, but you know it is a matter of time before you will be. You may also be upside down in the property, that is you owe more on the property than it is worth. Is that your problem? We have the answer! It is called Equity Sharing. The last time those words were uttered was a generation ago in the early 1980’s, when interest rates were in the 14-19% range and few people could afford mortgages at those rates. People would ban tog
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    Homeowners in Foreclosure & 700 Billion Dollar Economic stabilization package

    We all know about the 700 Billion Dollar Economic Stabilization Package or how is commonly called: The Big Bailout Bill of Wall Street financial institutions that was just passed by Congress last week, and many homeowners wonder if it will include any extra help for the regular, middle class homeowners who are facing the possibility of foreclosure. The government plan to rescue the financial system was passed by the House for a vote after it passed the Senate Wednesday night. The Bill would allow the Treasury to buy up seven hundred billion of bad assets, most of which are backed by mortgages from banks, in an effort to clean up their balance sheets so that they can resume lending. Experts and economists say that the U.S. credit crisis will not be resolved until the housing market smoothe
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    Repayment period and Foreclosure - How to use the opportunity to avoid another

    Few homeowners are even aware of the concept of having additional time after their house has been foreclosed that they can still remain in the property and attempt to refinance or sell. After all, the sheriff sale is just before the eviction, right? Well, not always, as some states allow foreclosure victims a set period of time, known as a redemption period, where the bank is not able to evict them or take over the property. But even when homeowners are granted a period of several months to keep their home, time is not on their side. The homeowners will have to begin immediately planning their solution to the foreclosure if they mean to take advantage of the redemption period. As soon as possible after the county sheriff sale, it would be best to come up with some options, especially if t
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    Good credit crisis Foreclosure

    Two or three years ago, all anyone could talk about was the housing market. It was booming. Builders were building, buyers were buying, and lenders were lending. Everybody was making money hand over fist, and everybody loved it. It didn’t last. The market started to lag in 2006 and has only gotten worse in the first half of 2007. Some experts maintain that the market is just returning to normal after a strong surge and that there’s nothing to worry about. Others, believing that the housing market is an indicator of the future of the rest of the market, are beginning to utter the unutterable word that starts with r: recession. One thing is clear. This is not just a slight dip in the housing market. When slight dips occur, contractors are the first to be hurt, then the lenders,


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