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    Real Estate Investing 101 - Understanding the different types of creditors

    The changes in financing options available for residential investment properties over the last 5 years are staggering. Lenders have relaxed the credit and income guidelines for qualification that formerly deterred many would-be investors from entering the real estate. In addition, the down payment requirement has been eliminated for borrowers who qualify. This article surveys the landscape for lenders offering residential investment financing products. Types of Lenders: The lender landscape can be broken into the following broad categories: Conforming Alt-A Non-Conforming or Sub prime Hard Money Each of these offers loans for residential investment properties ( 1-4 unit properties). Conforming Conforming lenders are the A-Paper mortgage banks that cater to borrowers with excellent cred
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    Investing in real estate - Scoop

    Well, the scoop on real estate investment came about accidentally; no-one kindly put together a market projection simply for investors. Luckily though, a private mortgage insurance company has had to research and project the future risks in the realty market for their own insurance purposes. This week PMI published their national ‘risk list’, which ranks cities of America by the relative riskiness of owning a property in those main realty markets. The company needs this kind of information - albeit guesswork and projected analysis - before they decide whether or not to underwrite a home loan. However, for real estate investors, and those wondering if they should buy and where, it is another little tidbit to throw into the formula of where might be a good place to buy realty. T


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