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    Financial assets - risk or opportunity?

    I am trying out a rather risky investment thesis by investing in financial stocks. I have begun to start building a position in the major financial stocks. I believe that the last few weeks have presented some good buying opportunities for financials. The three financial stocks that I have invested in are Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Bank of America. Wells Fargo is probably the best capitalized of the major banks. The recent addition of Wachovia has given Wells Fargo about 800 billion in deposits. Wells Fargo size is a major competitive advantage. They have a Tier 1 capital ratio and a solid balance sheet. Wells is currently the 2nd largest bank in the US in terms of market cap. Wells also has excellent management. Wells Fargo management have already accounted for a 74 billion dollar writed
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    Repayment period and Foreclosure - How to use the opportunity to avoid another

    Few homeowners are even aware of the concept of having additional time after their house has been foreclosed that they can still remain in the property and attempt to refinance or sell. After all, the sheriff sale is just before the eviction, right? Well, not always, as some states allow foreclosure victims a set period of time, known as a redemption period, where the bank is not able to evict them or take over the property. But even when homeowners are granted a period of several months to keep their home, time is not on their side. The homeowners will have to begin immediately planning their solution to the foreclosure if they mean to take advantage of the redemption period. As soon as possible after the county sheriff sale, it would be best to come up with some options, especially if t
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    Turn adversity into opportunity - Story Angelo Mozilo's overcome adversity Part III

    Turn Adversity into Opportunities: This is the Angelo Mozilo’s Story of his Overcoming Adversities This is part four part ezine article; this is the third of four segments. In this Part III, Angelo Mozilo will share, in his own words, his difficult life’s journey, including his specific trials and challenges. H will share with the reader his own unique story of how of what success habits and secrets he developed to over come adversity. Angelo is a “man of the people” with a unique blend of financial genius, unstoppable drive to succeed and “street smarts” that enabled him, in spite of dealing with severe adversity, discrimination or difficult challenges shaped Angelo Mozilo into a well respected and successful leader in business and the community. Angel


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